Luna Lux is a beeswax-based candle that purifies the air when burned by acting as a natural ionizer, making it the healthiest type of candle you can use. Our beeswax candles are eco-friendly, and free of synthetic fragrances. While giving off a faint aroma of honey mixed with other natural scents. According to the EPA, paraffin wax candles are a leading cause of indoor air pollution. Paraffin wax is part of the organic material in the petroleum sludge left over from oil and gas production. The wax is treated, bleached and processed into a solid and used to make a variety of things including candles. Luna Lux identifies as natural handmade candle with a minimalistic aesthetic. The earth tone color pallet will attract the demographic that are in tune with the health of their body, and homes. Our product packaging will highlight our brand application and attention to detail, while our website will include our newest products, and demonstrate balance the use of layout and hierarchy. Luna Lux would be described as pure, luxurious, and modern. 

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