Nova The Vegan Label is a soap company that believes in producing products that are healthy for your skin and the environment! Nova’s soap is made from coconut oil and avocado oil rather than animal fats. We produce nontoxic, plant based, cruelty free soap designed for your face, body and hands. Our packaging is made from plantable seed paper. Ordinary product packaging is unnecessary and usually ends up in a land fill. According to the EPA the generation of municipal solid waste in 2017 was 267.8 million tons. Nova’s sustainable packaging is compostable and has the power to grow a bed of wildflowers. Just add your packaging to your garden and watch it grow! In order to create a brand that is eco-friendly and cheerful. In the package design each bar of soap will be defined by a distinct color with consistent imagery. Visit our Instagram and take our skin quiz to discover the perfect soap for your skin type! Our social media advertising campaign will attract the young healthy demographic that is Intune with the wellness and appearance of their skin! The overall design style is energetic, and bright. 

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